About Me

Hi – I'm Monique.

I'm a MULTIMEDIUS creative – a Multimedia Professional based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I am one in a group of persons who are passionate about communication through the various fields of multimedia. I call this group of persons MULTIEMDIUS.

I create. Graphics; websites; videos; brands; social media platforms; scripts; plans; strategies; ideas; creations. My life is built on creation.

I find pleasure and excitement in discovering and implementing new ways for a company or individual to represent themselves to their audiences.



My Mission

"My aim in business is to make my clients look GOOD.  It takes more than a great product to find success.  In order to achieve their goals, businesses and individuals need to be attractive to their target market. This means having the right visual presentation, communication and appropriate promotion is key.  

You have a great product.  I can 'dress you up'.

In essence, I do advertising… from idea, to creation… creatively.

My Values

I always try to maintain my values in every situation:

  • Honesty
  • Christian morality
  • Constant creativity
  • Fairness.



Personal Professional Goals

  • Open my own Multimedia Agency
  • Have a profitable online business
  • Provide jobs and education opportunities to creatives in Jamaica

My Skill Set

 Market Strategy and Implementation

Brand Development


Graphic Design

Website Development

E-Newsletter Design & Development

Internet Marketing

Flash Animation

Video Editing & Composition



Magazine/ Newspaper Layout

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